Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kelly tagged us, so I'm going to try to answer her questions. I'm not really a chatterbox, so bear with me.
1. My favorite fabric, hands down, Moda! I seem to use much more of it than anything else. They always seem to have a collection I'm in love with. Most recently I've used the Kashmir IV collection. Love their prints!
2. The pattern I'm looking forward to? Whatever my next one is! I am getting away from other people's patterns, and I have a notebook full of ideas for my own quilts. I'm working hard on improving my applique, so I have several of my own designs in applique in the works.
3. My weakness food? Well Chocolate! I eat semi-sweet chocolate chips for my snack of choice. Ghirardelli only. It was my husband's idea to mix them into the peanut butter jar. :)
4. If I knew I couldn't fail, I would have done things a little differently 40 years ago. But here I am and I love life.
5. The best life advice? Think before you open your mouth, because what comes out can't go back in.

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  1. Yeah, a fellow Moda lover! Best of luck on your new designs. I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures as you go. Great advice- thanks for sharing with all of us!