Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Charming Girls Quilt Club

I joined the Charming Girls Quilt Club a little late for July, but I'll be posting something for August. What will it be? My patriotic redwork? My fleur de lis appliques? Finishing the quilting and binding a log cabin? or something else? I have many many projects in the que! Silly me. Sometimes it's overwhelming. So this club is a good thing. One small step at a time.

I quilt in the loft of my home. It's about 350 square feet, and besides my cutting table, my sewing table, an antique cradle full of quilts, multiple shelves of books and fabrics, shelves of my family glassware, it is also full of handmade bears, ABC baby plates, children's books, some pottery, three twin beds covered in quilts, cast iron flower doorstops, and of course me. We call it the Goldilocks room because of the three beds and the multitude of mohair bears in different sizes, and an antique picture of Goldilocks talking to three teddy bears. Come to think of it, maybe there isn't room for me in there! Anyway, I'll find something to work on and I'll get it posted soon. A short trip to Sea World with grand daughters number 1 and 4 is in order first....Oh, I forgot my daughters' vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll house is hidden up there too. Granddaughter number 1 who will soon be three will probably discover it soon. Last trip to see me, she curled up on one of the beds and talked and looked at books while I sewed. Cozy!


  1. Oh, your quilt loft sounds so cozy! I'd love to see pictures. So glad you're joining us in the fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing your August project!

  2. I'm not a quilter but am looking for instructions for making the peices for a "penny quilt", but not the kind that is just flat circles of fabric sewed to a backing. I'm looking for the kind that has those little gathered circles. Does anyone know how to make those?