Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, but I was away for ten days! It took me most of the morning to catch up on my blog reading, because, although we had a computer with us my husband was using it for the stock market most of the time, and I guess I was truly on vacation, thinking about other things. We started out in Pennsylvania where my mother still lives, and after visiting friends and family, and setting her up with a new computer we went down to Charleston, South Carolina for a conference. I'll post about PA. later because it's more of a Christmas post, but I have to show you a few pics of the Kiawah Sanctuary resort near Charleston. I had the absolute best meal I've ever had, five courses, formal, and two amazing buffets, breakfast and lunch that the resort put on for our conference. I should scan that menu because, I'm sorry, I don't live the life that millionares do, and I'd never seen anything like it. Most of the speakers at the conference and many of the people there are very rich. I was totally out of my element. The reason that we were there is that years ago, hubby bought a lifetime subscription to the newsletters these financial gurus write. It was an experience. We had an ocean view room, chocolate on our pillows, the works. At dinner we sat next to a guy who was wearing a cast because he had just been mugged in Argentina for his Rolex. Sheesh, okay, I don't aspire to that lifestyle, I'm just hoping to be secure in my retirement. Isn't that staircase resplendent? and there were two of them in the lobby area. Check the second picture, waay in the back you can see the other one. The pics are dark because the flash just wouldn't carry that far. I got a total kick out of the Alligator sign. I never really thought of the low country as alligator country although I had been there before.. don't feed or tease or harass the alligators. Okay, not likely on my part! I did take some handwork to do in odd moments, a new project. I'll take pics and post it soon too.

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