Monday, March 29, 2010

Not done yet!

As I suspected and really did know, a month is not long enough to hand quilt my quilt! Even a twin size. In fact I don't know if two months will be enough! Maybe three months will do it! I have to confess I worked hard for a week or so, then I got sidetracked! I think I'll have to find a simpler project for April's club.  I still will work on my hand quilting though. It is soothing, but it's hard to watch a movie or anything and really pay attention to the size of the stitch and exactly where it is going! So, tv and movies are out. It's a quiet time activity I think. I've been sidetracked with getting a new wardrobe, and birthday presents, and company, and etc etc. Life basically. How do so many of you accomplish so much? I really want to know!  I did get a new camera, which I am not thrilled with, but I will post some more quilt pics soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my 3 months doesn't seem like along time to me. I have been hand quilting on a lap quilt for the past month. I really like the "quiet time" as you put it. Can't wait to see the eye candy!

  2. Life happens! LOL! I squeeze my sewing in here & there. It is hard with everything going on but I do what I can, when I can. I can't wait to see your quilt done!